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readyROOM Multi-Sensory Reading Program (all ages)

Does your child need reading support for Dyslexia, Written Output or Orthographic Processing? Support your child in the coming school year with our research validated multi-sensory instruction! Our instructors have been trained on the Lindamood-Bell Program, an Orton-Gillingham like approach for decoding/reading and comprehension.

  • Each private 90 minute session focuses on intensive phonemic awareness and symbols imagery
  • Individualized Instructional Plan (IIP) based on the HomeRoom intake assessment will be delivered to each student in a paced, structured and progressive approach
  • In-person parent progress meeting scheduled after 15 hours of instruction

The HomeRoom Intake Assessment is the first step in your child’s learning journey with us. The purpose of the assessment is to identify, measure and evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses in reading and comprehension. These results are scored and summarized to provide a baseline understanding of areas that may be impacting academic performance and will also be the foundation for the student’s Individualized Instructional Plan (IIP) at HomeRoom. 

  • 1.5 hour private testing and assessment with each student
  • Scoring, evaluation and summarizing report of those findings 
  • Follow up consultation with parent(s) to review the summarized results 
  • Total cost is $250 + tax

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Keyboarding (all ages)

In today’s wired world, keyboarding is an essential skill required to communicate with others, both socially and academically. For students with written output difficulties, accurate typing skills creates new opportunities for written expression. Each class consists of fun multi-sensory activities to help students memorize the keyboard and learn touch-typing quickly and easily. Students will learn: 

  • Correct keyboarding posture and positioning
  • Efficient typing strokes
  • Strategies to improve keyboarding accuracy and speed
  • PRIVATE 1:1 TUTORING available upon request

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Parent Support + Consultation

HomeRoom is pleased to offer parent support and advocacy for your child’s learning journey through private consultations with our senior educational advisor. Her 25 years of experience in education will help you better understand your child’s reports, assessments, Ministry of Education identification, Individualized Education Plan’s (IEPs), rights with accommodations as well as guidance in establishing key relationships within the school system and building a communication network on behalf of your child. 

LISA JAAKKOLA, B.PE., Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education – Dept. of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education / UBC Faculty of Education

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studyRoom (all ages)

PRIVATE 1:1 TUTORING – Homework Center + Subject Area Tutoring. This program is for students who are seeking individual support and tutoring with their schoolwork and executive functioning skills (all ages).

ORGANIZATION, PLANNING + STUDY SKILLS (PRIVATE 1:1 TUTORING) learning how to prioritize and stay on top of school assignments, homework, tests and exams as well as extracurricular activities is hard work. Students can feel overwhelmed and frustrated without proper support and planning assistance. Building organizational skills with the right information, tools, and resources can dramatically improve a student’s ability not just to succeed with coursework, but to excel in both school and life (all ages).

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ESSAY WRITING (PRIVATE 1:1 TUTORING) is perhaps one of the most difficult skills to learn in school. Whether it is in English, Social Studies, History or Law, essay writing is a critical component of most social science disciplines. Writing effective essays is not, however, limited to those courses. The ability to write well is an enormously useful skill that transfers across subject areas, careers, and even in day-to-day life. This course aims to help students develop and hone those skills and improve core essay writing abilities for success in school and beyond (ages 12 and up).

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workSHOP + Summer Programs

Our workSHOP and summer programs are designed to educate, challenge and inspire students – stay tuned for future dates and availability!

CSI Academy is taught by a real life forensic investigator! Students to forensic “CSI” type engineering investigations specifically from a human biomechanics and injury perspective. Students gain knowledge about an incident scene by understanding biomechanical aspects of human injuries, typical instrumentation and measurement techniques to correlate Anthropometric Test Dummy (crash test dummy) data with real life injuries. In a final project, the sum of this knowledge allows the student to determine if injuries were possible or not given a particular set of statements or evidence and present their findings to the class. (Grades 8-12) This course is designed and offered by Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin Ph.D., R.Kin. Principal and Senior Biomechanistof GTD Scientific Inc. (